My husband has a cuckold fetish

my husband has a cuckold fetish

Release date: 08.02.2017

Cast: Gabrielle Gucci

Gabrielle and her husband were walking , window shopping, and they see a black man on the street. They decide to invite him to fuck her and let her husband watch. She has a black fetish and he is a cum cracing cuckold. They go back to their apartment together, and they get down to business. The black man fucks her in the ass and pussy with his big black cock as the husband watches, getting all horny, waiting for that cum. The wife is anal drilled in both doggystyle and spooning, and she loves the feeling. Please, fuck my ass even harder, put it deep in my ass - she asks of him. As fills her ass with the cum the husband starts licking her ass, slurping the cum from her. So fucking hot.

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