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Interracial Porn Casting #9 - Kirshley Swoon


Kirshley Swoon decided to do a casting for DFB Network. She wants to become a professional pornstar and show us what her naughty pussy can do. She starts by getting on her knees and slowly starting to lick Joachim Kessef's big black cock. Her blowjob skills are amazing! She licks the cock, sucks it like a pro. Moving on to missionary she lays on her back, spreads her legs and gets pussy fucked by the black cock. Her pussy is so tight and gets stretched by the dick. she just loves it. Gets some doggystyle humping too! Her twat is deeply penetrated by the black man! The babe gets her pussy splashed with cum and continues to clean up his dick with her tongue, not wasting any drop. Delicious!
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Franceszka is Down For Blacks tonight. She joins our studios for a casting video because she wants to become a pornstar. She starts off by giving a sensual blowjob and quickly moves on getting kinky and hardcore. She bends over for some doggystyle penetration and her pussy feels the power of Joachim Kessef's big cock. He fucks her tight mature pussy really hard and with every thrust he brings her closer to climax. Laying on the couch they switch position and continue fucking. They don't stop until the black guy cums on her pussy and then she gives him another blowjob to clean up his cock and get out every last bit of cum from his dick.
Amanda casting for a porn video


Amanda is an amateur porn enthusiast and came today at DFB Network for a casting shoot because she wants to become a pornstar. she chose DFB because she really is Down For Blacks and never had the opportunity to fuck a black guy. She is a bit shy at first but slowly switches to the naughty girl that she is. She sucks Joachim's cock and tries to take it all in her mouth. The big black cock makes her gag. She fucks our man missionary and doggystyle and really likes how the BBC feels in her tight pussy. Spooning with her partner she reaches an orgasm and then gets her pussy splashed with cum. She said that she'll definitely come back for another shooting in the future.
First interracial casting for Victoria


Victoria joins DFB Network for a porn casting scene, with a interracial spin. She said that ever since she was 18 years old she wanted to fuck a black guy and feel a big black dick inside her pussy. She often fantasizes when fucking her boyfriend that he has a big black cock for her. Since the start of the casting she was enthusiastic and with a real sexual burst because she could not wait for joachim to bring out his dick. She gives him a blowjob, a deepthroat, gets fucked doggystyle and missionary and when he cums on her pussy she rubs it with her fingers and then licks them. She licks the cum from her pussy and gives him another blowjob to suck every last drop of jizz from his dick.
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Terra Sweet is joining us today for a first time casting video. She wanted to cast for DFB Network because of her black fetish. She is Down For Blacks. She starts with a nice and wet blowjob. Wraps her lips around the dick licks it all over and makes it wet. She loves every inch of that big black cock and she will not stop until she gets the juices in it. Turns around and spreads up her beautiful ass chicks, tells Joachim Kessef to stick his dick inside her pussy. She gets fucked so hard that can barely hold it together. Oh fuck me black boy! After some hardcore fucking and spooning he cums right on her pussy. She takes it with her fingers and puts it in her mouth. Licking cum is her favorite desert!